Monday, July 19, 2010

So, This is Blogging

A new blog? Yes, I guess it is.

I'm not sure about blogging; I'm new to it. Frankly, this intimidates me a little. Ask me to present a training session on WHMIS, not a problem. Extoll in person the benefits of creating, testing and maintaining Emergency Management Plans, equally as simple. You can even ask me to participate and run a Cub Scout Camp, and I'l barely bat an eye. But, blogging is new to me. So kind blog reader, be kind and be gentle.

Over the next several messages, I will attempt to present to you kind reader, a logical explanation of Emergency Planning, Management and Response & Recovery. I will attempt to demonstrate how the expenditure of financial resources in the here an now will save potential millions for business in the future. I will hopefully bring away from the "darkside" of having no Emergency Plan, to the "lightside" and doing that which I firmly believe is the right thing...planning.

Before I get right into the thick of it, (which I will leave until my next blog) I want you my good reader to begin to think of Emergency Preparedness/Management/Planning as a living being. It grows, it learns, and it adapts. And, when proper attention is paid, it flourishes. That is when it really begins to pay off. The money spent initially shows its full value, and the additional costs diminish. And the best part is, you business becomes truely resillient.

There is, of course, planning for the home too. Think on it as well. Would it not be worth it to know your loved ones are as wel prepared to survive calamity as your business. (In my thoughts, it's far more important that family survives)

That's all for tonight. Start thinking about your plan, or the lack thereof, and what the cost might be to your business if some form of disaster struck tonight while you were sleeping. Try and imagine how long it would take for you to restore your Critical Business Functions (and that is way more than ust your IT/MIS group). Could you do it in say...72 hours?

Read me later, and we will begin this journey to resilliency.


Greg Long, President;

TEN33 Disaster Preparedness Consulting

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