Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Perception of a Page or Website: How do You See Us?

The other day, Michael H Ballard, a person I like to believe is a good friend even though we've only met in person once but many times by phone and Facebook, posted this comment:
"Attention Attention Facebook Business Pager Owners: Does what you post build and attract business? What attitude does it project? Why have you chosen the theme your post?"

What a comment/question! It really got me thinking! So, I posted back: "Good question! I wonder if mine is what it should be. Think I need to review it again."The answer I got back, I'm not sure if it was related to my page or pages in general, but in essence said "too many negative, too many confusing posting, would I want to friend that page/business/person?

My first urge was to take it personally, and respond in a knee-jerk manner, and ask Michael what I had done to tick him off. Good thing I didn't, because now I don't believe it was directed directly at me. But still, I went back to may business page, TEN33 Disaster Preparedness Consulting, and give it a good review. While I don't think I have much content that might be confusing, I can see how some of the content might be construed as negative and perhaps depressing. So I thought,"What can I do about this? IS there a way to make the content more positive, and still call people to action and get public understanding on how important Emergency/Disaster Preparedness really is?"

So far, the answer is "Nope".

The problem lies primarily, in the nature of this business. Emergency and Disaster Preparedness is a topic/subject people just don't wish to think about! And I don't blame them one bit! Embassy bombings, riots, terrorism on the human face, and hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and more on the natural earth side. It makes it appear that human kind is stuck between a rock and a hard place, and little to no hope in site. Remember though, appearances can be deceiving!

Yes, it is a dark portal I look out of. I see it every day in news reports that pass by my computer screen, and news feeds on my iPad. But I don't dwell upon the negativity there before me. If I did, I would truly go buggy. I've chosen instead, to let these images and stories let me see how positive, good and full of growth can be if we all accepted that those "nasties" are out there and did one thing... PREPARE!

Preparedness planning doesn't take much work. It takes some though, some attention to details, and some good foresight. A home Emergency Plan covers a multitude of scenarios, and provides a family the best possible chances for that happy ending once the storm clouds part. (figuratively and literally). Good business emergency plans ensure Continuity of Operations, rapid Return Time Operations numbers that keep businesses going through and after a crisis. (and, I have to note, great ROI or Return on Investment the first time they are called upon). And Community Emergency Planning, usually done by your Municipality/Town Government, assures critical services are up and running promptly, and the infrastructure is back in place to keep our communities health and prosperous.

I know not one single person (aside from those of us working in the industry) wants to think about the disasters and emergencies that would devastate our lives. That is human nature, and part of the reason we are such a resilient species on this planet. But I would like everyone who reads this to see one thing: Visit the "Dark Side" for a bit, see what you have and might loose, and then understand that planning can and does minimize or even prevent those loses. Planning certainly gets you back to a more "normal state" than not planning. It saves money, time, lives, marriages, businesses and far far more.

So, I will apologize now to those who find thinking about Emergency Planning a dark spot they just can't visit; but understand I only have your best interests in mind. I care deeply for Community, and this is what I was called to do as a result.I'll also ask this of you, Good Followers: Share with me those things that reflect the positive aspect from disaster as a direct impact from planning. Share with me and others here what information YOU would like and need. Ask questions, look for answers and ask for help and guidance. I have found a cornucopia of businesses and people within Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, who are more than happy to help you and others cope, recover, and prepare for life and Mother Nature.Keep strong: Resilience can be yours. You just have to accept the fact that bad things happen, and know that you will survive them just by planning for them. And I'd like to help you!

Greg Long